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Android Application Development

(Android application development) Mobile applications are involving the set of programs that acts on a mobile device and perform certain tasks for the user. The applications which are used in mobile is easy, user friendly, convenient, downloadable and run able in most of the mobile phone including low-cost phone or in entrance level phone. The mobile application has the features like calling, messaging, browsing, chatting, social network communication, audios, videos, games, Artificial intelligence Google assistant etc.

It can be said that as, “We all know that smart phones have changed the life of everyone. As it contains more pros and less cons along with other features, an app in smart phones allows to do almost everything, from playing games to do business. The growth of app mentioned in this paper has given a robust kind of various challenges.”

What is Android ?

“Android application development or Android is open source, which provides software development kit. It is the way of creating new applications for android application development”. It helps to construct new style of creating gaming apps or helps to build innovative apps.


Android application development


Benefits of mobile application:

  • Quick communication: –  Some mobile application like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Skype, Google Talk are helps the society people for communication to each other So, the social relation improves and make strong. And this is good for family, friend and society.
  • Save time and increase productivity:  –  In society or in developed country people can do their daily work like check email, contact with business partner from any time in bus, train, car or walk. In this way save the time and people can get more time to work.

  • Improve IT infrastructure in developing country: –  In developing country the uses of mobile application improve the knowledge of people. Because, they are accessing Internet from everywhere. As a result, the IT infrastructure improves in any developing country.


Android Application Development – Role of Marketing

  • With so many developers building new apps each day, it is becoming extremely difficult to acquire/attract, retain and monetize customers and to develop brand equity and loyalty.
  • Developers and apps are similar to brands who need to be marketed. App marketing plays a vital role in the success/failure of a mobile app.
  • Marketing and social efforts are required to keep consumers engaged after the app is downloaded to their device.Insufficient marketing efforts and marketing strategies will lead to decline in return oninvestments and hence will result in disappointments and frustrations.
  • 70% of developers are frustrated with the current state of app marketing
  • Below are some of the factors that cause marketing efforts to fail and suggestions are provided in this efficacious marketing.
  • Budget is one of the major issues that developers are concerned. To reach larger audiences, developers need to work with some ad agency providers to promote their apps. However, working with ad agencies requires an investment which is sometimes huge.  clearly shows that budget is of major concern to the big, medium and small developers.

  •  Most of the developer’s today are disappointed with the lack of clarity given by ad network providers, and hence arefinding it difficult to trust them. It is very expensive to advertise an app throughagencies and so trust plays a major role while making such investments.


Business of Mobile Broadband/Internet

All of the smartphone(Android application development) and feature phone have smart environment and vast number of mobile application. Most of the applications are connect people to the world via Internet/mobile broadband. For example, Google map, navigation, email, entertainment, gaming, eCommerce.


Present Uses of Mobile Application

The mobile app growth is rising day by day as people as people are becoming modern

The mobile application is using in different areas.

    • Like internet browsing, Voice chat, Facebook, Twitter etc. Now a day every standard mobile has Facebook and WhatsApp application. User can share with their friends and family from anywhere and any place like in car, in train. People can use messenger for chatting.
    • We can generate call to any corner of the world with low cost using VoIP application and internet.
    • Then we can talk about GPS System. current position locating in map, road navigation, vehicle tracking etc are the most uses application using GPS system. The Google Map helps us to find out any place.
    • Using mobile commerce, we can view product, select product and order for product. Sometime mobile application Mobile Wallet uses in restaurant or market for completing payment. People can be doing business work using mobile application.

  • Mobile banking and ticketing is another feature of mobile application(Android application development).
  • People can watch video and movie from YouTube directly using mobile application. They can play video and audio. Kids can play game in mobile which is also one kind of mobile application.


Android application development



Android – Pros

  • Quicker to release because there is no ‘acceptance’ gate forced on us.
  • Wider install base – we have a broader population of people with Androids (especially outside the US)
  • Easy to develop using existing PCs and Eclipse, i.e. not specialised hardware
  • No restrictions on what we develop, so it’s open to new ideas
  • No restrictions on deploying beta/alpha versions

Android – Cons

  • Fragmented devices – lots to support (screen sizes, performance, sensors)
  • Fragmented OS – lots of users will be on a range of OS versions (can choose to not support older OS/Devices).
  • No double checking of the final app – therefore all the QA is with you (it is with Apple too, but they might just spot a real showstopper)

4 Major Benefits of Android App Development for Business

  • Open Source: 
  • The Android platform is open source which means the Android Software Development Kit (SDK).
  • Developers can interact with the Android developer community for the forthcoming versions which they can incorporate into their Android app development projects.
  • Low Investment & High ROI: 
  • Android(Android application development) has a relatively low barrier to entry.
  • Its Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for free to developers which significantly reduces the development costs.
  • The app development costs can be divided into three major parts: development, testing, and deployment.  Developers are required to pay a one-time registration fee for application distribution. Android applications can be deployed in different ways.


  • Easy to Adopt:
  • Android apps are scripted in Java programming language that leverages a rich set of libraries.

Here, I can conclude that the Android application development  platform is however, progressing the mobile market worldwide.Day-by-day android operating system in the computer electronics market has become progressively popular, especially in the smartphone market. It is open source and preferred by researchers due to the fact that some of the development tools are free.Android app development is an incredible opportunity, this has been a great source of encouragement for using the Android system.

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