Components of CPU and their functions – Artificial Intelligence Future

CPU: – CPU processor is founded on July18,1968. Founders are, Robert Noyce Gorden Moore And Grove resigned from Fairchild Semiconductors. Headquartered in santa city, California. They started their own company Intel (Integrated Electronics). Intel has started with 3-man in 1968 to industrial big by 1981. It had 20,000 staff and $188 million revenue. CPU Processor: […]

hologram technology

Major Functionalities and Working of Hologram Technology – Artificial Future

(Hologram Technology) This is a research based on an extreme anticipated technology of future and is rising day by day. Hologram technology is making up its roots strong in VFX and entertainment fields. But its roots of origin is hidden, which makes it eligible for research. This research paper will focus on the history of […]

human computer interaction

Does HCI(Human Computer Interaction) play an helpful role in future humanoid robots ?

Human computer interaction Human computer interaction is basically a study of how humans interacts with computer and what needs to be done to make the fundamental interaction of a computer with a human being more successful and use-full. Now a days this topic has become very popular for research purposes In this research, a literary […]

Is Robotics Rule the Future

Is Robotics Rule the Future – Artificial Intelligence Future

Abstract: (Is Robotics Rule the Future) This paper introduces Cloud Robotics, which is a new field of research. With recent developments in robotic environments and in integrated multi-robot systems, robots are attaining richer functionalities and robotic systems are becoming much easier to develop. It tackles issues supporting daily activity throughout various locations in a continuous […]

Transformation of terrorism from traditional method to modern methods

Transformation of terrorism from traditional method to modern methods – Artificial Future

Abstract (Transformation of terrorism from traditional method to modern methods) cyber security is becoming significant for the whole world security with every day and major reason of the cyber terrorism was started at local level which does not reached the state level but states are involved in this type of terrorism for securing their own […]

virtual reality working

How does Virtual Reality(Machines) working – Artificial Future

The Basics                     Virtual Reality Working : VR headsets like Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR are often referred to as HMDs, which simply means they are head mounted displays. Even with no audio or hand tracking, holding up Google Cardboard to place your smartphone’s display in front […]