Critical SEO Issues You Need to Identify and Solve Immediately for Better Results!


Have you ever wondered how much businesses are willing to shell out on SEO? The number will reach $79 billion by 2020! You might think it is too much money to spend on marketing activities. However, once you analyze the different aspects of it, you will probably understand the reasons.

What is SEO? – SEO is not just a few tweaks added to your content or your site. It is a comprehensive process that can earn you high rankings in the SERPs if you manage to do it right! However, it demands both smart and consistent effort.

From optimizing your site for both the search engines and the users to generating profitable business profiles on the leading local directories – SEO is filled with different tasks, and the changing Google algorithms keep marketers on their toes. With every algorithmic update, SEO professionals have to design an SEO strategy that adheres to the new rules and brings results. In addition to that, SEO brings with a set of core issues that deserve attention. Ignoring these issues for long can cause you to lose ranking, visitors to the site and eventually sales!

If you are unsure about what these common issues are, here is a list of the few crucial ones that you need to resolve at the earliest for the best SEO gains.

A slow website speed

 Website speed directly affects ranking and performance. A site that loads quickly ensures excellent user experience. Websites with slow speed hurt page rankings. Google responds to a sluggish website by limiting the crawlers used to crawl the site. It happens if your site does not load within 2 to 3 seconds. The consequence of it is that your website pages take too long to index.

The solution lies in Google PageSpeed Insights! Using this tool, you can track and evaluate your site performance speed. The tool sends alerts to pages that are not optimized well. The added benefits of this tool are the actionable tips that guide you in fixing the issue.

If you have WordPress as the CMS, you can resort to hosting providers or SEO Consulting Services for assistance. You could also optimize the pictures on your site, minify JavaScript and CSS and leverage browser caching to see favorable outcomes.

The issue of broken links

 A website of 100 or more pages recording a couple of broken links does not pose a serious concern! However, if the number is much bigger, it will pose a problem. Broken links are damaging as they adversely affect ranking and leave a bad impression of you in the user’s mind. When search bots locate an excess of broken links, they switch to other sites. This way, the other pages of your site do not get crawled or indexed. It also impacts your page authority negatively.

The solution is simple! You can use Google Search Console and opt for “Crawl Errors” to know the pages with 404 responses. It is essential to fix 404 issues fast so that your visitors do not face hassles in navigating your site. If you manage to do this, you will notice an improvement your search rankings as well.

Rectify all duplicate content fast

 According to a study by Raventools, approximately 29% of web content is duplicate. So, ensure that your site has zero plagiarized content. Wondering why this is crucial? Copied content not only reduces ranking, but it can also get your site penalized! With tools such as Copyscape, Siteliner, and others, you can evaluate the originality of content. If you find plagiarized content, you must remove it or replace it with something new and original. Also, if multiple pages on your site have the same content, you may face issues with back-linking, link sharing, and parameter tracing. To avert the same, resort to a canonical tag. When a bot pops up in this tag, it will locate the link to its source.

The problem with vague or short content

 It is a tricky issue! Studies highlight that some of the top ranking website pages are known to rank for several other keywords associated with the content. It supports what is called “fat content.” It means that elaborate website pages having in-depth, well-explained and lengthy content is the order of the day. On the other hand, scarce content is considered as a counterfeit method of adding on web pages as it lacks value and quality.

If this is your SEO concern, here is your solution! You need to research a chosen topic intensively and list out all the significant and allied information attached to it. As you go on, add keywords and long-tail keywords and sub-headings. You may also add an FAQ section to boost the voice-search quality of the website page. Furthermore, it provides a better structure to your lengthy post. As far as length goes, you can keep it between 2000 and 2500 words long.

A low quality mobile browsing experience

 Google has initiated a soft-launch of a mobile-first index system in 2018. The search engine will be using it to rank sites depending on their respective mobile versions. Hence, it is essential to be mobile-ready more than ever now. It is surprising to note that not all websites are optimized for mobile.

If this is where your website is lacking, you do have a solution at hand. Avert flash content and start optimizing the site for cross-device conversions. Restrict blocking CSS, images, and JavaScript as the Google bots search for these aspects to categorize the content accurately. Go ahead and manage your website design in a way that smartphone users can navigate it easily without any hassle on both iOS and Android platforms.

Every online business is aware of the power of SEO today! A well-designed SEO can gift a website with the best rankings. In an attempt to move ahead of the competition, companies often overlook these SEO issues that might arise anytime. If you are giving your existing SEO structure a boost, these are some of the problems you need to find and solve immediately to keep your search engine ranks unaffected.


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