Know How Outsourcing Instagram Account Management Can Help Grow the Following


Social media is now an essential tool for business communication and promotions, but it becomes an overwhelming affair for the entrepreneurs to focus on many platforms and do the best at all. With many platforms to choose from, people are confused about which to focus in light of the unique requirement of their industry and the nature of the business.

Out of many of these massive social media platforms, Instagram surely stands out from the rest when it comes to online promotion of business and brand. The crowd at this social media platform is increasing at an alarmingly faster pace, and if you are looking for an ideal space to get to your target audience, chances are high on Instagram to spot them. With more than 200 million users monthly with about 60% of the users checking their feeds once daily, it is such a social media force to reckon.

Growing the following on Instagram

There are many pro ways to grow your Instagram following consistently, but if you already have a lot on to your plate as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., you may find it difficult to focus well on Instagram and reap the best results.

In such a case, there are many Instagram aspects which an external consultant can help you with in terms effectively and timely management of your Instagram account. Instagram account management outsourcing is quite a trend now, and here in this article, we will discuss five unique ways through which outsourcing may help a brand to grow followers on Instagram.

#1 Commenting on posts

Engagement is a key aspect on Instagram just as on any other social media platform. If you have many followers and need to ensure effective engagement and acknowledgment on Instagram, for which it is ideal to outsource your account management to a third party to comment back to the queries and replied you get to the posts without delay.

#2 Research

If you want to get more followers, it is necessary to engage effectively with the target audience. The target audience is those who are in the same niche with a larger following. Analyzing this is actually the job of a pro. You can outsource this to an administrative consultant by sharing your business objectives and keywords. They can do in-depth research on potential followers and go ahead and some and like their posts to get back the favor. This can be a volume task, which you will not able to handle well on your own unless you can spend your time dedicatedly on Instagram management.

#3 Schedule

There are many third-party applications used to manage and schedule multiple Instagram accounts you may run for business promotions. You can outsource it and manage it with the help of an administrative consultant who can manage the content and schedules to keep your account live and running consistently.

#4 Create images for you

If you are looking for some great images to be put as Instagram feeds, it will be a difficult affair if you are not a good photographer or with a sense of it. So, outsourcing comes as a handy move in this aspect too. You can even outsource your quotes, tips, and offers too and ask them to convert it to eye-catchy graphics. A good administrative consultant also knows when to post based on the existing trends to get good responses.

#5 Hashtag cycling

If you need to stay on top of social media promotions through Instagram, it is essential to play well with the hashtags. Many outsource the hashtag also to be researched, detected, and recycled from time to time. This may have to be done frequently as to even several times a day to capture the trends and act instantly. By doing this effectively, you can surely get more exposure, likes, and followers.

Pay for this surely makes sense if you start to enjoy a clear return of investment, which can be so if you are identifying the right consultants like Gramista to support you. Further, let’s discuss how to outsource your Instagram marketing to meet these needs.

How to outsource your Instagram marketing

  1. Know your objectives

Ensure that you clearly and fully know what you are outsourcing and what your objective is. For some, it may be to ensure that their Instagram feeds get branded and cohesive and for some others, it may ensure quality photos and hashtags getting posted. The objectives may also be different as some want to get more followers and some others are focusing on making their voice heard clearer and grow the engagement rate.

  1. Define how much control you should maintain

Sometimes, you may be planning to outsource all of your Instagram or even social media marketing or a part of it, which you find it tough to manage on your own. You can sit with professional Instagram consultants to tell them how much control you want to maintain and what you want them to do on your behalf.

  1. Do your research and share the info

When planning to outsource Instagram marketing in full or part of it, first do a thorough ground study to assess many and find the right person. Not all the providers are the same, and it is essential to look for their domain expertise when it comes to promoting the business of your nature and dealing with the target group you focus. While doing this, you are advised to seek for the recommendation of others and also take a look at what the consultant is doing at their own feeds for the clients. You can discuss things in details with the consultant as to what their collaborative process is and what they need from you to get it done.

It is advisable to take feedback from your friends and colleagues also about the service of various providers they have come across. The Internet is also a good place to do the baseline research in order to identify what clients say about various providers and what their ratings are to choose the best.


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